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Alex Tanney (Monmouth State) Interview

Interview with Monmouth Quarterback Alex Tanney from May of 2010 for Premier Players Magazine.

Ben Delanoy: So how does it feel to be headed in to the NFL Draft next year?

Alex Tanney: I’m excited about the opportunity that I might be given to continue to play after I graduate. There is still a lot of time before then so I have to continue to train and work to get better. But I’m not thinking too far ahead, right now I’m focused on this upcoming season and making a deeper playoff run.

Ben Delanoy: What’s been going been the biggest obstacle in your career thur far?

Alex Tanney: Size, in a variety of ways. I weighed 175 lbs in high school and was very skinny because I was a long distance runner on the track team, so I had a tough time keeping weight on. Also, the size of high school I went to. I grew up in Lexington Il, which has about 1,800 people in it. I never got much Division I attention because I was a skinny kid at a small 1A school. That has kind of carried over to Monmouth. Although I weigh 210 now, people are questioning if I can play at the next level because Monmouth is a small Division III school that plays small Division III teams.

Ben Delanoy: Favorite gym to train at? 

Alex Tanney: Trotter Fitness Complex

Ben Delanoy: What’s your off-game snack?

Alex Tanney: My mom’s brownies and milk

Ben Delanoy: If you could throw a pass to anyone past or present, who would it be and why?

Alex Tanney: Randy Moss. I would love to air one out on a post and watch him run under it.

Ben Delanoy: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Alex Tanney: I honestly don’t know. My career could go in a variety of directions after I graduate. I hope I’m still playing the game I love, but if my playing career comes to an end before I want it to, I will have my college degree in business administration and economics to fall back on.

Ben Delanoy: Favorite restaurant to eat at?

Alex Tanney: Much rather have a home-cooked meal from my mom than eat out.

Ben Delanoy: What gets you out of bed every morning?

Alex Tanney: Alarm clock to go workout at 5:45 every morning in the off-season.

Ben Delanoy: What’s the one misconception people have about you?

Alex Tanney: Players from small 1A high schools can’t compete at the highest level in college.

Ben Delanoy: If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Alex Tanney: Reading other people’s minds. I think it would be beneficial on and off the field.

Ben Delanoy: What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?

Alex Tanney: Each year I dressed up as the best player on our high school team at Lexington.

Ben Delanoy: How has your football career made you a better person?

Alex Tanney: Its really helped me develop a strong work ethic that I use in other areas of my life. Building strong work habits to be dedicated in the weight room and on the practice field carries over to the classroom. Its also really enhanced my leadership skills. Ever since second grade I have been the QB and being a quarterback, you have to be the leader on the field and the person that always keeps their composure.

Ben Delanoy: One thing not many people know about you?

Alex Tanney: I ran a 4:22 mile in high school.

Ben Delanoy: Who is your favorite football player right now?

Alex Tanney: Peyton Manning. He is the best in the league right now and I enjoy watching him call the game and have total control of his offense.

Ben Delanoy: If you could be any athlete for a day…who would you choose and why?

Alex Tanney: Lebron. I cant imagine being that athletic and getting up that high on the basketball court.

Ben Delanoy: What’s in your Ipod right now that you listen to while training?

Alex Tanney: Dierks Bentley – Sideways

Ben Delanoy: Favorite thing to do when not playing ball?

Alex Tanney: Hangout with my buddies and my girlfriend.

Alex’s closing interview statement:

“Whoever goes out on a limb to take a kid from a small DIII school is going to get the hardest working player on their team. Ill be the first one in and the last one to leave everyday and do anything it takes to win. I have been around the game my entire life with my father being a high school football coach and I truly have a passion for the game.”

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