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Dick Drago Interview

Interview with former Red Sox pitcher Dick Drago for content in the July issue of Premier Players Magazine.

Ben Delanoy: Why do you think pitchers are dominating batters all of the sudden with the rate of no-hitters and perfect games? 

Dick Drago: I don’t know the answer to that one. Just goes that way sometimes. I had the chance to witness some of the best pitchers in the game do the same in Nolan Ryan and Dennis Eckersley. There is no explaining the timing for it. 

Ben Delanoy: Don’t you think it’s odd that we’ve had, let’s call it (3) perfect games and several no-hitters? 

Dick Drago: There are some good young pitchers nowadays, and there were some good plays made during those games to get them there. 

Ben Delanoy: What pitchers do you see great things in now? 

Dick Drago: Strasburg is just phenomenal to me. You’ve got Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Phil Hughes….Linecum got great stuff but a crazy delivery. Look at what Ryan as going on in Texas….getting guys to go deep into games. 

Ben Delanoy: Pitching aside, what do you miss about the game? Tell me about the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry. 

Dick Drago: Oh, that’s a great atmosphere to be in. You know you’re going into a hostile place….it’s intense. I was witness to the ‘78 playoff game with the Dent homer. It was just crazy. The fans and players both enjoy it. We all still get together at a reunion game in Scranton (Pa). All the guys from both teams are there.

Dick is a huge supporter of A Glove of Their Own. Please visit http://www.agloveoftheirown.com. Thanks to Bob Salomon for setting up this interview.

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