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Mike Rucker Interview

Interview with former Carolina Panthers DE Mike Rucker for the July issue of Premier Players Magazine.

Ben Delanoy: So Mike, What have you been up to since retiring from the NFL?

Mike Rucker: We’ve stayed in the Charlotte area for 11 years. Just love it here.

Ben Delanoy: What are you involved in…work, sports, charity?

Mike Rucker: I run a real estate firm in Charlotte, Vision Group realty. We specialize in relocation real estate for professional athletes, entertainers, corporate execs, basically everyone. I am also the preseason color commentator for the Panthers. I still attend Panther community functions and appearances.

Ben Delanoy: What is Ruckus House?

Mike Rucker: The Ruckus House Foundation provides scholarships for students pursuing education and teaching as a career.

Ben Delanoy: Do you get any “off-time”? What do myou do in between all of that?

Mike Rucker: Spend time with my family! We enjoy all that North Carolina has to off….camping, fishing, boating.

Ben Delanoy: What do you miss most about playing football?

Mike Rucker: The comraderie amongst the guys and all of the practical jokes. Some of the same jokes we’d play in the lockerroom on eachother don’t go over well with the wife or the kids!

Ben Delanoy: What did you think about the Panthers draft?

Mike Rucker: They did a good job addressing needs. Didn’t do much with high profile free agents.

Ben Delanoy: What about the QB situation? I like the (Tony) Pike pick?

Mike Rucker: With Delhomme, Pike, and Claussen, they got some good QBs.

Ben Delanoy: Your thoughts on the Steve Smith situation?

Mike Rucker: People don’t realize he does a lot of work in the community. The flag football thing was just a freak accident…..it happens.

For more information on Mike or the Ruckus House, please visit www.mikerucker.com .

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