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Are you connected….socially?

A company’s brand is its identity and establishing a marketing directive is one of the early steps a company should take as it places the building blocks for its foundation. It is vital for a business to define who they are and what they do for their consumers.

Once a brand is established, companies enjoy the piece of mind in knowing that consumers know who they are and associate them with their market. However, managing a brand does not stop there. It takes ongoing engagement and a presence as a business that consumers can rely on.

Social Media has added a dynamic to marketing that cannot be overlooked when managing brand identity. What makes social media truly “social” is the ability to share. Consumers are no longer talking to their friends or a handful of people, they are potentially sharing information with millions of other web users, every single day. They have followers, and their followers have followers. The average reach of each of these individuals is more than 20,000. This means that companies cannot just broadcast a message in social media when something newsworthy happens. They must have a social media presence 24 hours a day…..7 days a week. The internet has transformed the way companies need to market their businesses.  It’s very simple: The evolution of search engines and social media is such that there will never be silence associated with any brand.

The goal of all marketing is to influence potential customers to make a purchase….the same applies to social media….so what is conveyed through your customer interaction absolutely matters. You want to create a positive “buzz” around your brand so that when you are posting your updates, your customers are relaying your message to their friends, and their friends are sending it to their friends, influencing a positive buying experience. Consider the Axe Body Spray promotional video which garnered more hits than President Obama’s victory speech, or the fact that huge corporations such as Ford and Apple are now directing viewers to their Facebook pages rather than their respective web sites through their television ads. Consumers now identify personally with their favorite brands enough to follow their news feeds on Facebook and Twitter and to view and share their YouTube videos. Thus, the most engaged brand will draw consumers and their friends into their conversations and make them almost addictive.

With 500 million (and growing) unique users globally, Facebook is the number one social networking site when it comes to activity and subscriptions.  Facebook provides a wide variety of channels to communicate with users and customers. So how does this work for you? Facebook allows every brand, as well as individuals, to create fan pages for their companies. Large brands have already created their official pages on Facebook that have a wide, immediate fan following around the globe. The fan page has the ability to convey first hand information about a brand and to receive immediate feedback from your customers. LinkedIn and Twitter also have great reach, so it is essential to also communicate on these mediums to complete a “full scale” social media presence.

Recent Media surveys have cumulatively displayed that 75 percent of the top US companies have a social media strategy and plan increase their marketing budget  in the coming year, solely based on that strategy. There are however many challenges involved in managing a brand on the social web. One such challenge is managing customer relationships. Consumers like to feel the personal connection to a brand that they have connected with, and companies that actively engage are bound to receive better results. The drawback is this takes time, but in the end is well worth the effort as it will evolve into a solid customer base. Companies cannot be everywhere, nor do they have the resources or manpower to harness all of the activity in the social media circle.

DocuSource Visual Communications has launched Social Media Management Services to help business owners advertise effectively on these platforms. For a fraction of what it costs to advertise a business in traditional media, a business can now reach a highly targeted audience that is interested in their message and brand…on a continual basis. At DocuSource, we can draw people to your company while increasing engagement and brand recognition by creating and maintaining your business profiles on social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook Fan Pages . We will assist you in generating fan and followers, sending out updates on a consistent basis and building your positive presence in the world of social media networks. We are here to help you grow your business by creating a strategic marketing program that helps you attract new customers in a constantly evolving world.

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