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Park Lane Interview

August 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Park Lane Interview with Mike Keller from May 2010

Ben Delanoy: Tell us a little about Park Lane? How did you meet?

Park Lane: We’re a little over a year old. We changed out band members and found Calvin on Craiglist. We began working with Producer Michael Rosen.

Ben Delanoy: Where did the name Park Lane come from?

Park Lane: It was the street I lived on growing up.

Ben Delanoy: You guys go on tour soon, where are you looking most forward to playing?

Park Lane: Italy on tour with Exilia.

Ben Delanoy: What’s the one thing you cannot live without while on tour?

Park Lane: Beef Jerky. We eat a lot of beef jerky since we’re always in the van.

Ben Delanoy: Craziest thing that ever happened to you onstage?

Park Lane: Got hit in the head with the bass a couple of times.

Ben Delanoy: Most embarrassing?

Park Lane: Clayton (bassist) fell off stage. It was pretty funny.

Ben Delanoy: You didn’t try and save him?

Park Lane: Nah, we just let him go.

Ben Delanoy: What are some of your favorite bands?

Park Lane: Metallica, As I Lay Dying, it varies….goes from Death Metal to Jazz, Iron Maiden

Ben Delanoy: What’s the worst song you ever heard?

Park Lane: No comment. The band Rose Tattoo really sucks, yea Rose Tattoo, they are bad.

Ben Delanoy: What’s the most unbelievable rumor every printed about Park Lane?

Park Lane: That we broke up, when we just were looking for a new member.

Ben Delanoy: If you could be one athlete, who would you be and why?

Park Lane: Jeff Garcia, he is actually my cousin. He is a really great, down to earth guy!

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